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Manufacturing & Engineering

Construction & Maintenance

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Supplying the right product at the right price at the right time, every time  

Paul Rooker  

Managing Director



Engineer Working on Machinery


PVR supply a wide range of Manufactriung and Engineering Industries such as Automotive, Electronics & Technology, Domestic Appliances, Sheet Metal , Medical,  Aerospace & Defence throughout the South West of England. 

Supplying Tools & Fixings, Abrasives PPE & Hygiene & Janitorial and much more products direct to production lines and stores, with the primary aim of reducing customers stock and resources saving double handling of low cost component costs. 

Construction Workers
Mopping the Floor


PVR supply a wide range of Construction Industries such as Builders, Plumbers, Electricians, Woodworkers, and many more trades.

Supplying Industrial Fixings, Hand & Power Tools, Safey Workwear, the complete range of PPE items, Health & Safety Supplies, the Complete range of Hygiene & Janitorial supplies  and Site Industrial Equipment. Items can be dlivered to the factory or direct to site .  



PVR supply a wide range of Facilities Maintenance Industries such as Workplace Safety which is of paramount importance in all areas of industry

Supplying a Comprehensive range including First Aid products, Eye and Ear Protection, Respiratory Protection, Helmets, Gloves,  Clothes and Garments.  As well as PPE we supply thousands of Hygiene & Janitorial Cleaning products to maintain a clean, fresh and safe environment from cleaning chemicals to mop buckets. 


PVR supply a wide range of products from 400 of the leading brands in the UK comprising over 80,000 products.. 


The unit price of fasteners and connecting materials does not detract from the importance of these products. The quality and durability of a fastening depend primarily on the tool and the means of fastening being perfectly matched to each other. That’s why our procurement team work hard with suppliers to ensure you have access to only the best in value, compatibility and durability.

The PVR Team work hard to ensure first class service on a massive range of Fasteners & Fixings including Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Pins, Rivets, Self Tappers, Tapties, Woodscrews, Drywall Screws, Throughbolts, Socket Caps, Masonry Nails, Wall Plugs and much more all in various metals & plating. 


From Corded & Cordless to Air Power Tools we supply the lot and we deliver the major quality leading brands. The PVR Team have years of experience in industry gaining unrivalled knowledge and expertise to offer advice and guidance on product specifications, features and benefits. Our relationships with suppliers ensure customers can access competitively priced professional power tools and hand tools .

PVR  has an extensive catalogue of products including leading brands such as Bosch, Dewalt, Makita, Hitachi, Metabo, Millwaukee, Draper, Karcher, Bahco, Stanley, Irwin Record and hundreds more.


PVR are committed to providing top quality products in the Cutting Tool industry. Customers can enjoy access to Abrasives, Carbide Cutting Tools, HSS Drills, Taps & Dies, Reamers & Machine Tools, Circular & Band Saws, Holesaws, Welding Products and much more, so whatever needs you have,  you can expect a quality service together with excellent value for money.

Precision Engineering Tool Brands suppliers such as Dormer, Guhring, Kennametal,  Toolex, Mitutoyo, Walter, Sanvik, Titex, OSG Cutting Technologies, Trend Machinery & Cutting Tools, ATA Garryson, to name but a few, as well as smaller specialist suppliers which offer customers performance and price choice.


With increasing safety legislation, this market sector is growing significantly.  We source from some of the world’s leading and most respected manufacturers and brands, ensuring all standards are adhered too. We are extremely proud of being a member of the hugely succesful purchasing group Troy who in turn our members of the BSIF Registered Safety Supplier Scheme, which have in-house PPE experts that can advise you on buying, and technical aspects in the workplace

Workplace safety is of paramount importance in all areas of industry and we facilitate access to a comprehensive range of products which enables our cutomers complete protection including First Aid products, eye and ear protection, respiratory protection, helmets, gloves, clothes and garments. As well as PPE,  PVR enables access to thousands of janitorial cleaning products to maintain a clean, fresh and safe environment from cleaning chemicals, mop buckets. PVR can provide the right range at the right price with training and support.


Maintenance & Repair represents a broad range and hundreds of sub-categories of products. Typically purchased on a regular basis, and vital in keeping premises and equipment operational, which can reduce downtime, extra expenditure and general stress of restocking.

​Even though MRO purchases are often for low-value items, an inefficient procurement process can actually negate the cost savings as the time spent researching MRO products can on average incur twice the cost of the actual product. In addition stocking up on unneeded items can be expensive because it ties up capital that could have been used elsewhere. Or items can become lost, damaged or even obsolete while waiting to be used.  PVR  Team work closely with with customers to understand when and why they are buying stock in and our I.T. solutions and insight work to minimise wastage.

PVR work with a diverse base of independent distributors, so you dont have to, the range comprises over 500,000 products including paints, electrical supplies, dust extraction, storage and handling and raw materials which gives our customer access to what they require at the right price at the right time.


Combined Years Experience


Leading Brands







Hand writing Challenge with blue marker


PVR work extremely close with all its customers, only by working together in a true partnership we find the very best in cost saving results.

Cost Savings are always high on the agenda with customers. Not only does PVR have a wide range of supply but we have Massive buying power too ...thanks to our Troy membership over a mouth watering 1 billion pounds purchasing power.  So working close with current and potential customers can really achieve sigificant savings compared to exisiting suppliers. 

There is nothing more we like than customers throwing down the gauntlet and challenging us to save them money .


So if you want reduce your supplier base and save significant costings in one supply area of your business or various areas across the board then call us today and set us the challenge !! we are confident we can provide you savings today, tomorrow and the long term future.




PVR Direct was established in 1999 by the current Owner and Managing Director Paul Rooker after having more than a decade of experience within the Fixing & Tool Industry.

PVR quickly established itself as one of the leading regional Fixing & Tool Distributors securing many Blue Chip Clients in the area.

PVR have moved premises 3 times to support its growth, and in 2005 was one of the first adopters of ecommerce in its field, shipping out tens of thousands of orders each month.

In more recent times PVR have concentrated on its core values and re focussed efforts into building long term relationships with customers so they can realise significant savings which will support their growth going forward

PVR operate many inventory management sytems within customers stores/factories which reduce the need for double handling on low value products, we work extremely close with customers so we are aware of customers demands, to ensure we have the correct range of products and quanities to support customers production & demand.  

PVR’s mission is to provide every customer with a hassle free experience when dealing with PVR, one phone call and you get the right product at the right price and crucially at the right time.


PVR supply a wide range of Industries including Manufacturing & Engineering, Construction, Maintenance,  Automotive, Schools & Colleges, Care Homes & Professional Trades.

“I strongly believe in providing all our customers with the very best possible service & prices on all our range, with no hidden costs.The right product at the right price at the right time every time”

Paul Rooker

Managing Director

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